Padparadscha sapphire

Padparadscha sapphire

When you first heard the word «padparadscha», what associations did it bring to you?
Surely with something exotic, bright, most likely something Indian, maybe something connected with an Indian raja.

In fact, all these associations are not so far from the truth.
Padparadscha is a rare and very valuable sapphire of pink-orange color.
Why such a sapphire is called «padparadscha» is not known for certain.
Obviously, «raja» is a «prince». The question is — a prince of what?
Some orientalists are sure that it is the «prince» of the lotus colors. Others — that it is the «prince» of the sunset.
If you look at the literal translation, then there are also two options — we can assume that it came from Sanskrit, then " padparadscha» is the «lotus color».
If it came from Sinegalsky, then it is a «sunrise colors.»
All possible versions are very poetic and very suitable for this rare sapphire.
The color of a real padparadscha sapphire is quite difficult to describe. And very often the description of this color depends on the country and on individual perception. ⠀
Someone calls it salmon color, someone — the color of a dawn, and somewhere it is called the color of guava pulp. ⠀
Scientifically speaking, the color of the stone varies from yellowish-orange to  orange-red. But everyone, without exception, agrees that it should be a rich and intense combination of pink and orange with light reddish patches, and surely without! a brown hue. If the sapphire has a brownish hue, it is just a pink or orange sapphire, but not a padparadscha.

Такой сапфир должен принадлежать к «теплой» цветовой гамме. Очень часто встречаются сапфиры холодной цветовой гаммы, когда в розовом присутствуют фиолетовые блики. Вот такие розовые сапфиры — это не падпараджа.
Such a sapphire should belong to the «warm» color scheme. Very often sapphires of cold colors are found, when purple reflections are present in pink. These pink sapphires are not padparadscha.
In the past only stones from Sri Lanka were called real padparadscha and were the business card of this island. ⠀
Now you can find sapphires of this color also from other deposits.

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