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Ten Yujin for D&A

Unique and extraordinary D&A jewelry brand created by sisters Daria and Anna Ginsburg presented the lookbook of a new outstanding collection with young and popular TikTok superstar and Instagram influencer Ten Yujin. He is a creator and interpretor of modern trends and generation Z idol

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What kind of mineral is GRANDIDIERITE?

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World centers for cutting color stones

We are very often asked why we fly to Sri Lanka for stones 🏝 Let’s talk about where it makes sense to buy stones. In Sri Lanka, you can find not only the stones that are mined here. There are several so-called cutting centers for color stones in the world:

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What parameters affect the price of emeralds

The most important factor that affects the price of emeralds is the color, followed by the quality of the material and the degree of refinement.

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Emerald ring by A.S. Pushkin

Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin’s poem «Protect me, my talisman» is dedicated to his beloved emerald ring, which, according to him, served as a source of inspiration.

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At your numerous requests, we are going to tell you about CERTIFICATES — what hidden rocks there are and what you should pay attention to.

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Which finger do you wear rings on? A little bit of tradition and psychology

Jewelry has always had a certain sacred meaning since ancient times, and, in fact, they could tell a lot about their owner.

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Padparadscha sapphire

When you first heard the word «padparadscha», what associations did it bring to you?
Surely with something exotic, bright, most likely something Indian, maybe something connected with an Indian raja.

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Refining of sapphires

A problem worthy of Shakespeare: "To heat or not to heat? That is the question."

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How to choose a sapphire

How to choose a sapphire in the right way. Or how to choose the "right" sapphire

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