Spinel Mix Color 14 Karat White Gold Infinity Ring

This rings are our bestsellers.
$1 950
This rings are our bestsellers.

The mix of blue and lilac spinels in infinity ring made from 14 karat gold looks fashionable and stylish. Combination of colors looks especially attractive when you put on two rings together. When you wear this ring on your finger and little bit turn it you see different shades of spinels.
We decided to make this rings more unusual and we mixed different shades of spinels -from pinkish and blue to intense purple and cobalt blue.
Why do we like spinels? For brilliance and an incredible variety of shades.
This ring we could do for your special order in any size with any spinel colors and any color combinations in 2–3 weeks time.
When ready it will be dispatched with 1stdibs facilities for free.

The ring details:
Stones — Natural spinels with different shades — blue and lilac — Sri Lankan origin,
round shape, about 6 carat total weight, transparent and eye clean.
Ring Size — could be any per your request
Gold — 3 grams approximately (could be changed according to the size of the ring),
14 Karat White Gold (we can make this ring also with yellow or black gold or from 18 Karat Gold)
Will be done for the special order in 2–3 weeks time.
Free delivery

We can do this ring with different shades of spinel, but if you don’t like spinel or you would like to make a ring with the same design but with other stones pls contact us.
We would provide you other options.
In this case the budget for this ring could be changed.

If you are not happy with the price please let us know — we will try to offer you another stones or add changes to the design to fit your budget.

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