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Pink opal

Opal from Peru is one of not previous opal varieties. It could be pink or blue in different tones. These stones are very beautiful, but they belong to a nonphenomenal variety of opals. Let’s speak about pink opal.

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How the TSAVORITE mineral was discovered

Tsavorite was found accidently by the British geologist Campbell Bridges.

In the 60s of the 20th century he and a team of the geologists had traveled to Tanzania to the Tsavo National Park area for searching beryllium minerals, cause they were necessary for the nuclear industry.

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The biggest yellow diamond in the history.

The biggest yellow diamond in the history was the yellow-brown «Golden Jubilee Diamond»
Its weight in rough was 755.5 carats.
It was the 8th largest gem-quality diamond ever found in nature.

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Brown tint in gemstones - is it good or not

If you will go through various gemological materials and specialized sources, you could find there the information that brown or gray tint in a stone is not good option for the stone. Let's figure it out. In fact, this is not bad at all - it's just a fact.

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Basic Jewelry

The main principle when you are choosing stud earrings the shape of the earrings should fit the oval of your face, and the shade of metal and stones should emphasize the color of your eyes and your skin tone.

They can be either with colorless diamonds in different sizes - the most classic version or with colored diamonds.
Do not limit yourself to the classics, choose the shade that you like.

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Shades of yellow diamonds

Natural fancy diamonds - yellow, green, pink, violet, orange, blue, red - have their own color grade different from colorless diamonds, and such diamonds are considered very rare and valuable.

In such diamonds color should be classified by it’s saturation and it is the main factor that determines the value of the stone.

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Morganite and Emerald

Morganite is a pink type of mineral beryl same as an emerald.

Are they simiral or not? And what is the difference between these two stones?

Both stones are the beryl mineral, they have similar basic chemical composition, but they acquired their color due to completely different chemical elements

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The History of stud earrings

People understood how to pierce their ears and to wear earrings in the ancient world. Archaeologists have established that the earliest earrings appeared in Asia around 5000 BC. (!!!) ⠀

That time besides jewelry earrings were also used for another function — people reported their status with the help of earrings. ⠀

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The history of diamonds

The diamonds were formed around 3.3 billion years BC (!!!)

Around 2500 BC the diamond was found for the first time in India.
That time people loved and appreciated diamondst for their brilliance, but for their hardness. People admired the fact that this mineral could not be damaged. Diamonds were used not in jewelry, but as a labor tools.

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Tennis bracelet

The tennis bracelet is a simple flexible bracelet with small stones.

In the 1920s women loved to wear several diamond bracelets at once, but this bracelet got its name «tennis» due to the «number one» American tennis racket of the 1980s, Chris Evert.

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