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Tourmaline and its varieties

Tourmaline is one of the world's most popular gemstones.

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The varieties of the garnet mineral

Garnet is the most beautiful semi-precious stone and, what is more interesting - it could be very different ❤️💜💙

Natural garnet has many varieties, each of them has its own name and chemical composition.

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Sapphire. Main deposits

Why blue sapphires are precious and so expensive? Because there are only some places on the earth there they could be found.

In these places long time ago the special parameters were coincided that allows sapphires to develope - very high temperature, pressure and the presence of chemical elements.

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Tsavorite. Main facts

💚 Tsavorite is a variety of garnet mineral - grossular garnet

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Tourmaline. Main deposits

If tourmaline could choose a country for itself, it would be Brazil, which is its largest mine.

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Amethyst - 10 facts about this stone

💜 Amethyst - from ancient Greek αμέθυστος + μέθυστος - "to be drunk", "intoxicating" 🍷 ⠀

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Classic Blue - the main color of 2020

The color of 2020 according to the Panton Institute of colors is the color - PANTONE 19-4052 Classic Blue - a deep blue noble and calm shade.

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Pantone Trend Colors SPRING SUMMER 2020 NYFW

Immediately after the beginning of New York Fashion Week, the team of the Pantone Color Institute presented their version of the most fashionable colors of the coming spring and summer 2020

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Top 12 Most Fashionable Pantone Color Combinations Spring- Summer 2020

The trendiest colors of the spring-summer 2020 season are very bright, juicy, fresh and optimistic. It is a combination of classics and avant-garde, which allows to collect the most interesting looks.

We want to show you several options for color combinations that you can use when choosing your wardrobe.

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Bracelet. The history in 10 facts

Bracelet - from French "bracelet" meaning "wrist" - is an ornament on the hand, which was popular since the Paleolithic era.

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